Carlos Reyes


Business Consultant

Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Venture Capitalist

Carlos was brought to the United States Of America illegally as a little boy by his single mother. In order for his mom to raise Carlos and his two siblings His mother worked 2 some times 3 jobs simultaneously and never made more than $8.25 an hour.

After decades of struggling he became a US citizen, thanks to his mother’s effort. He then decided to quit a 12 year corporate job in 2013 to pursue the dream of building his own Real Estate investment company. With the help of his partner Sal Shakir, the company scaled quickly to be a national real estate powerhouse consistently producing multiple 7 figures every year in multiple markets across the country.

Since then, Carlos has gone on to launch and acquire 12 companies that he personally owns and operates and has also transitioned into the private equity space as a venture capitalist by acquiring equity in 17 private companies. Carlos presently resides in Arizona with his wife and 2 daughters. Carlos and his family are now truly living the American Dream.

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